Sanjay N. Patel is based in Austin Texas. He is widely recognized for his stylized imagery, aesthetic insight and artistic ingenuity. His clients include some of the top names in the entertainment industry: FOX SEARCHLIGHT, MGM, LIONS GATE, and TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. He has done work for over 20 feature films. Sanjay’s down-to-earth style is combined with a true artist’s vision. He takes pride in creating value for his clients by working closely with them and providing excellent service. His ultimate goal is to help clients succeed.​​​​​​​
20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Eakin Films & Publishing, MGM, Lions Gate, Cross Wind Productions, Walker Cable Productions, Vernon/McKee, Savir Productions, Tripilleye Entertainment, Silver Rock Productions, Gogi Productions, Three Creek Entertainment, Cowboy's Sweetheart Films, The Fell Clutch

McGraw-Hill Education, USAA, Sprint, Dell, Volkswagen, Alcon, Simplr, Ottobock, Clean Cause Water, Image MicroSystems, Health Monitor Network, Oula Fitness, Deaux Girls, L3RN, dCables, Spectified, Walton & Johnson, Music Water of the World, InFluential Magazine, Texas Secretary of State, Victory Coffee, Acima, HCB Health, Young & Rubicam, TKO Advertising, Wick Marketing

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